Frisbee Desktop Transcription


Frisbee is a versatile dictation and transcription solution that can be deployed on any scale and with any pre-existing hardware setup. From single-user transcription workflows to server-based enterprise-wide speech processing, Frisbee is an efficient team play!

Get complete transcription control with Frisbee

Within the Frisbee “Job Lister”, transcriptionists have a comprehensive view of all work, clearly listed within a multifunction display for simplified voice file management and control via an easy-to-use point-and-click driven user interface. It’s easy to identify individual voice files, locate author priorities and work types.

Frisbee Pro

Easiest way to get your dictations transcribed created with a professional dictation device. Simple double click on a dictation opens for every single author and dictation type a dedicated template which is returned automatically to the author for reviewing.

Frisbee Enterprise

Centralized dictation management solution allows you to administer all the jobs, settings and workflows on the server. Every transcriptionist can have a view at all pending jobs according to the workflow privileges and start to transcribe the jobs quite immediately.

Know where you are and what’s ahead

Once a voice file is selected for playback, with a simple mouse click or touch of the transcription foot pedal control, a “Tracker Bar” within the Frisbee display window visually indicates the location of important cues, total dictation length and current position in the voice file during playback. To further simplify transcription, Frisbee will automatically launch the desired text processing software and template designated for each voice file’s workflow. Once the transcription is complete, Frisbee automatically updates the status of the job to “transcribed”, so when the dictating author logs on, the completed text file is now available and ready for approval.

Frisbee Transcription for Dragon Speech Recognition

Frisbee and Dragon Naturally Speaking provide you with more than just an interface between professional dictation management software and voice recognition. Integrated into Frisbee Workflow, the suitable template is automatically selected for each dictation and the recognized text is merged in. The dictation is highlighted as “recognized”, meaning already transcribed. The transcriptionist can consequently perform the corrections it by listening to the original voice file in parallel and formatting directly in the assigned text editing program. The speech recognized dictation is displayed here audio-visually, and with the aid of a foot control the transcriptionist can navigate in the document as usual – quickly and uncomplicated.

Frisbee Transcription for Medical and Legal Transcription Services

Do your transcriptionists have to use several transcription software and foot controls? Do you want to have an overview about all pending dictation from various customers and have all dictations returned within the shortest time? Frisbee allows you and your transcriptionists to work from office or home without a need to upload/import and exchange dictation voice files manually. Frisbee Enterprise can also be used and provided as a hosted solution with centralized user, job and workflow administration.