Digital Diction

Personal Recording


Philips Digital Voice Tracers

Philips has delivered what could perhaps be the most fun a person could have while recording important meetings, lectures or personal notes. Designed for both function and style the Philips Digital Voice Tracers are the perfect companion for those on the go!

Go Simple and Go with Style

HCD offers the three most full-featured Voice Tracers available today. Want FM radio? Chose the 882 with 2 GB of storage and a lapel microphone. Just “need the facts, ma’am?” The 662 includes a voice alarm clock and up to 139 hours of record time.

Olympus WS Series Recorders

Lightweight and compact, these recorder still deliver quite a performance. With the ability to record at 44kHz sampling rate, these jewels give you a convenient and affordable way of capturing the events of your life.

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Olympus DS-2800 Digital Voice Recorder
Slide the battery compartment from the recorder and voila, you reveal the integrated USB plug. No cables to tote, no software to install. Simply plug in and copy your voice files, MP3 music files or any other computer file to and from your computer.


Philips Voice Tracers

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 2500

The Voice Tracer digital recorder is perfect for capturing personal notes, ideas and thoughts on the go.

Philips DVT Notes


Philips Digital Voice Tracer 4000

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 4000

The Voice Tracer digital recorder captures every conversation for you, even if you are distracted.

Philips DVT Conversations

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 5000

Philips Digital Voice Tracer 5000

It combines advanced recording technology with ergonomic premium design and entertainment attributes such as music playback.

Philips DVT Lectures




Olympus WS Series

Olympus WS-831

Olympus WS-831 Digital Voice Recorder
Its design and engineering make the WS range a consummate blend of versatility and functionality, conceived to get the job done no matter whether you’re working or playing.


Olympus WS-833

Olympus WS-833 Digital Voice Recorder
At a single glance, it already gets a clear thumbs up – impressing with an ultra-slim body, lightweight build and super-stylish finish. But there is so much more hidden away inside.


Transcription Solutions


Now that you have that special event captured on a digital audio file, you may want to create a written transcript. While you could play and pause your digital recorder and try to type what was said, using a digital transcription kit makes the process much, much easier.

Just as professional transcriptionists, you can use a USB foot pedal to control the playback of your audio recording while typing into your favorite word processor.

Consumer transcription kits from HCD are nothing but the best from the leaders in digital dictation, Olympus and Philips. Backed by the manufacturer, supported by HCD: a team you can trust.

Transcription Kits

Olympus AS-2400

AS-2400 Transcription Kit
For dedicated transcription needs, Olympus offers the optional AS-2400 Transcription Kit.

Philips LFH 7177

Philips Transcription - LFH 7177
The transcription set is a digital document creation solution specifically designed to make transcription easy and intuitive.



How it Works

First, there are two components to dictation processing: the spoken dictation and the typed transcription document.
Dictation is Audio

Dictation is the audio voice file created by the author (e.g., lawyer, physician, etc) and is just like any other computer file. Compare it to an MP3 file you may have downloaded to listen. You can take the MP3 and e-mail it to a friend, copy it to a portable MP3 player or CD, or drag and drop it into a folder on your computer.

Dictation audio files work the same way. They may come to you in any number of ways:

    • Network Sharing. You may be networked with the author. After recording, the saved audio file is saved to a shared drive on your network. Once saved, you now have access to transcribe.
    • Internet. The author may send you the audio file by e-mail for FTP (File Transfer Protocol), both convenient methods of sending files.
    • Direct Download. If the author is using a handheld digital recorder, they might connect it to your computer and download the voice dictations quickly and easily to your PC.
    • Removable Media. Although rarely used, given the convenience of the other methods, voice files can be saved to memory cards, CD’s or USB drives and copied to your computer.

Transcription is a Document

Using a USB-connected foot pedal – or foot-switch – you can use software that allows the foot-switch to control the playback of the dictation while you type, pausing, rewinding and fast-forwarding just as you’ve always done with conventional systems. Furthermore, professional transcription kits usually include a stereo headset that plugs into your computer or USB connector to allow you to hear the audio files privately and with maximum fidelity. Once you have typed your document, you can return the finished transcription back to the author or other designated person by any of the same methods by which you received your dictation.

Voice & Music Recording


These advanced technology recorders are designed to capture all types of special events, from meetings and lectures, to choir rehearsals and concerts. Quality stereo microphones and high sampling rates give you the ability to capture every sound with the most clarity possible with an affordable device. Both Windows and Mac compatible, the Olympus music and voice recorders are packed with features you’ll find indispensable.

Olympus Recorders


Olympus DM-901

Olympus DM-901 Digital Voice Recorder
With Wi-fi smartphone compatibility, the DM-901 is ideal
for anyone who needs crystal-clear sound anytime, anywhere.

Olympus DM-3

Olympus DM-3 Digital Voice Recorder
The DM-3 combines CD-quality multi-format playback and
recording with sophisticated features like Voice Guidance.


Olympus DM-670 Digital Voice Recorder

Olympus DM-670

The eye-catching, metal-bodied DM-670 provides fully-fledged
professional features for the breathtaking capture of voice and audio
in numerous formats.



Philips Recorders

Philips DVT 6500

Philips DVT-6500 Digital Voice Recorder

The DVT 6500 allows you to capture music in outstanding definition and stunning clarity with three high quality microphones. Your document, you can return the finished transcription back to the author or other designated person by any of the same methods by which you received your dictation.


Digital vs Tape

Professional handheld digital recorders work very much like the tape dictation machines you may be used to: slide up the side switch to record, slide down to playback, hold down to review. Fortunately, that’s where much of the similarity ends:

    • Digital files sound better than tape, especially after
      cassettes have been recycled several times.
    • No tapes to break!
    • Digital voice files can be easily sent over a network or
      the Internet to a transcriptionist. Turnaround on dictation is faster.
    • No expensive service contracts. What’s to service on a
      solid-state device?
    • No tape expense. And, with most professional models,
      rechargeable battery packs mean no more battery expense.