A Dot matrix printer that meet the highest demands in quality and speed

The 24-pin BP-9000 from Seiko Precision is a high-performance state -of-the-art dot matrix printers and suitable for fanfold papers, cut sheets, envelopes, labels and multiple forms. 

This printer achieves a speed of up to 840 characters per second (Super Speed Draft Mode). As well as being extremely fast, it is also highly economical: a single ribbon cartridge can print up to 20 million characters. Typically, these printers are used in the retail trade, in industry and in banking.

To increase their versatility even further, the BP-9000 has a push tractor for fanfold paper at the rear and optionally a Pull Tractor or a cut sheet feeder (expandable by ASF 300 E) for top-feeding operation. Paper management is further enhanced by the printers’ Intelligent Label Mode, which prevents labels from peeling off. The Auto Scroll function allows automatic positioning of the paper perforation against the tear-off-edge.